Home Herb Garden – The Benefits

There are great reasons to have a home herb garden (by the way it is pronounced either urb or hurb) but first what is an herb? Technically it is a seed producing flowering plant that does not produce woody stems. Non-technically it is a low growing aromatic (has a pleasant smell) plant used either fresh or dried for seasoning, medicinal purposes or even in perfumes.

Growing a home herb garden has many benefits herbs may be used

• As herbal teas
• As potpourri* to give a pleasing scent to indoor air.
• To add flavor to food.
• They can control pests in a garden
• Many herbs supply nutrients to the body.
• Herbs are used medicinally.
• Herbs can be used in salads.
• They can be grown for the beauty of their flowers.
• Herbs can be used to garnish* a plate the way they do in nice restaurants.

Imagine using herbs to garnish the plates just for a family meal or better yet when you have company over for dinner. What an elegant* touch that is. Even if the food didn’t turn out that good (which would be highly improbable of course) it would still have that touch of elegance.

As you can see there is a fairly long list of reasons and benefits for growing a home herb garden. For this article let’s discuss just one of these reasons. How about medicinal* purposes? That can be a pretty important benefit.

Herbs are used for highly effective medicinal purposes mostly in the East but also to a lesser extent in the West, only slightly in the U.S. but more so in Latin America.

Don’t want to get political in an article about herb use but in all fairness it needs to be pointed out that herb use for medicinal purposes gets a bad rap. The multibillion dollar drug industry loses money when you use herbs to cure your ails rather then purchase their drugs and for that reason there is a lot of bad information circulating around that herbs contain rat hairs, animal feces, bugs, dirt and so on. Herb use for curing has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and is still very much in use to this day. If herb use was any thing other then beneficial it wouldn’t have survived this long as a healing modality* (especially with all the pressure to suppress it).

As you can see there are many valuable benefits to have a home herb garden. You can specialize your herb garden for one of these purposes or a combination of them.

*potpourri – a collection of organic things (leaves, herbs, flower petals) used to scent the air.
*garnish – to add something to food that enhances its appearance.
*elegance – good taste in appearance.
*medicinal – capable of treating illness or improving someone’s physical or emotional well being.
*modality – something used for treatment like drugs, surgery, or herbs.

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